We simply believe in doing the right thing, the right way, every time


Our fiduciary duties are the compass that guides us in everything we do. Our culture revolves around integrity, resilience and entrepreneurial spirit which are essential for delivering our promises to all of our stakeholders. Every member of the team believes in these simple and yet powerful set of values that help us grow as individuals while contributing as a team.


Our culture promotes entrepreneurial environment - each member is encouraged to challenge the status quo and established views, for identifying opportunities to improve and be more efficient in serving any and all of the various stakeholders


Execution requires determination and commitment, particularly when challenging established norms and legacy business operations. It requires us to set ambitious targets for ourselves, our investments, and to see through difficult transition periods. Bowrington’s resilience comes from each team member’s self-belief and the belief that team members have in one another in their ability to achieve Bowrington’s targets, regardless of the difficulties.

Integrity and Transparency

At Bowrington, we revere integrity, individually and as a team. Integrity combined with a culture of transparent communication, is the basis for every one of our decisions and the effectiveness of our relationships, both internally as well as externally.


This, we believe integrity is the most essential for all of our stakeholders – Investors, clients, employees of the portfolio companies, service providers, governments and regulators, to understand and trust our objectives, plans and results, and how our activities create positive impact to the community we work in.

Each for themselves and everyone for each other - Our Teamwork

Our team works under a fluid structure, it is flexible to take whatever shape the task demands. At Bowrington, we believe everyone’s unmoderated opinion is equally important to create value to our collective work. This, significantly different from generally accepted decision-making process, is what makes us a strong team. This is also designed to give every team member the opportunity to develop and shape their roles within the team.



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