Revere, Protect and Remedy everything around us

- Our Motto

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are global goals for society and all its stakeholders – most importantly, investors. We believe that it is impossible for any investment manager, particularly in the infrastructure and related real assets sectors, to be    a true fiduciary without aligning themselves completely with SDGs and the sustainable future of local communities.


Our commitment to create positive impact to SDGs is an essential component of how we do business. This is a core priority in our investment strategy. We seek to promote this commitment within each of our portfolio companies to achieve broader objectives of society as well as to ensure our investments are aligned with the future of local communities.


We believe that aligning portfolio companies with SDGs not only help societies meet the sustainability goals, but also, more importantly, grooms the portfolio companies for operating in the new norm towards to a more resilient portfolio and stronger risk-adjusted returns for our investors.


As our commitment to create positive impact on SDGs and responsible investing, Bowrington became the signatory of the Operating Principles for Impact Management ("The Impact Principles") in 2020. The Impact Principles are the framework adopted by more than 150 leading global impact investors, totaling $430 billion in impact assets under management, to-date. The signatories commit to integrating best practices throughout the entire investment life cycle as well as disclosing these practices annually. You can find our latest impact disclosure statement here.


We aim to adopt best practices in responsible investing and integrate them into each stage of our investment processes - screening, due diligence, decision making and on-going asset management and monitoring processes. We are committed to measuring and reporting the impact of our efforts in a transparent manner through a robust framework developed alongside leading academia and third-party experts.



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