The partner of choice for alternative investments that maximize risk adjusted returns while positively impacting sustainability goals


Our mission is to deliver superior risk adjusted long-term returns for our investors while creating positive impact on local Sustainability Development Goals through investments that seek yield and capital growth from high-quality, long-life infrastructure and related real assets.

We expect to create long-term sustainable value for our investors through our strategic focus on unique assets that provide essential services combined with operational excellence through partnering with best-in-class management teams. Our approach of deal development, platform roll-up that includes acquisition, operational optimization & organic growth through active asset management provides us the competitive edge to deliver superior risk adjusted returns for our investors.


We strongly believe that creating positive impact to a local Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is fundamental to creating sustainable value to our investors and all the stakeholders, including local communities. Focusing on maximizing positive impact to SDGs while minimizing negative impact is at core of our investment DNA, and is the foundation for everything we do at Bowrington.


We place utmost importance on our fiduciary duties to our investors and other stakeholders, including partners, governments,  management teams and employees. All our activities adhere to highest standards of professional conduct and are wrapped with effective corporate governance systems, rigorous compliance processes and ethical business practices. Check out more below on our commitments to Sustainability and Governance.





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